Oversea Exchange Tours

Through the study tours to overseas institutions, organizations, and companies,our students can gaina better understanding of the technological developments and different cultures around the world. In addition to visiting technical facilities, the tours include discussion forums in which our students have the chance to exchange ideas and visions with students and engineers who have different backgrounds. Each tour is a great learning experience outside the classroom environment.

Technical Seminars

We often invite alumni, human resources consultants, and senior management staff from I.T. and engineering corporations to share with our students the latest updates of the industry.   Topics include career planning, market trend, newest technologies, and tips for further studies.  These seminars serve to better equip our students for their next milestone in life.

Technical Visits

We regularly organize technical visits to companies and facilities related to electronic and computer engineering. Places we have visited include CLP ElectriCity, Ngong Ping 360, Ngong Ping Sewage Treatment Works, Cathay Pacific City, Zero Carbon Building, Ocean Park, HAECO, Googol Technology (Shenzhen), City of Dreams, Hong Kong Blind Union, and Science Park.Through these events, students have the opportunities to learn about the newest trends in technology, possible career prospects, and how engineering innovations contribute to the society.