Industrial Placement

Industrial Placement is a compulsory course for Year 3 students. Each student will be required to work as a full-time intern under the supervision of a staff in a local company / organization in a relevant field for at least eight consecutive weeks.The placement trainings offered by different companies are specifically designed for individual students. The training includes a wide range of disciplines relevant to the students’ major studies.Students are required to demonstrate their achievement of the learning outcomes by maintaining weekly records of their work activity and producing a placement report on completion.

The companies which have collaborated with us include HKT, Tricor Services, Hopewell Holdings, Deloitte, Cherrypicks, Towngas, 36 Technology, ASL, Welfare Electronic Component, ITAPPS, Alliance K Medical Device, Global Technology Integrator, Hong Kong Airport Services, Intertek,, Integrated Enterprise Solutions, Midland HKP Services, Networld Technology, ITE Smartcard Solutions, iAsia Online Systems, Element Cell Game, IHP, and Jantix Holdings.