Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computer Engineering (BSCHCEF3)

Year 3 Entry for Associate Degree and Higher Diploma Holders

The Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computer Engineering is a two-year programme for graduates of a Higher Diploma or Associate Degree in computer engineering or related areas. Students are required to complete 80 credits. The programme provides an early exit option to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree on completion of all courses, including Year 3 course.
This programme covers the software and hardware that make up a computer system, with courses in specialized areas focusing on computer systems design, multimedia processing and computer networking. Graduates of this programme are equipped with comprehensive knowledge in the design and implementation of the systems and components that make up a computer system. Potential employers include computer product development companies, system solutions companies, and IT departments of large companies or organizations. Premier Employers include Bank of China, Cathay Pacific, Foxconn, HP, Huawei, PCCW and Smarttone. Others have chosen to further their studies in local and international universities.

Admission Requirements and Application

A recognized Associate Degree/Higher Diploma in Engineering, computing or a closely related area

Please refer to the webpage of [Online Application] maintained by Registry.

Course Fees

The tuition fees charged is based on the number of credits taken per semester. Please refer to [Tuition Fees] page of the Fulltime College.

Programme Structure 

 Year 3 courses  - Computer Architecture
 - Operating Systems
 - Computer Networking
 - Routing and switching technologies
 - Advanced Computer Design
 - Mobile Application Development
 - Digital Signal Processing
 - Multimedia Technologies
 Year 4 courses  - Quality Management for Science and Technology
 - Engineering Professional Practice
 - Communication System
 - Digital communication
 - Software Engineering & Project Management
 - Electronic and Computer Engineering Project

Language of instruction:


For more information:

Programme Leader: Dr Kevin Hung

Tel: 2768 6865


Programme Coordinator: Mr Bruce Tong

Tel: 2768 6803