Dr. CHOY Sheung On Steven


Steven Choy   Dr. CHOY Sheung On 蔡雙安博士
  Associate Professor
  Phone: 2768-6857
  Fax: 2789-1170
  Steven Choy
  Room A0923, The Open University of Hong Kong


Resume of Career

Dr. Choy received his Bachelor of Engineering (with honors) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1993 and 1999, respectively. He joined The Open University of Hong Kong in 2002 and is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Science and Technology.

Dr. Choy has published over 40 research papers in various international journals and conferences. His research and technical interests include Digital Image Processing, Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Web Technologies, Internet Computing, and Mobile Computing.

Current Research Interests

Web Technologies, Internet Computing, Mobile Computing, Location-aware Applications