Academic Staff

Full-time Academic members of Electronic and Computer Engineering Team
School of Science and Technology
The Open University of Hong Kong

Prof. Wong Kin Yeung, Angus 王建陽博士
Phone: 2768-6011
Room A0917
Research interests: Internet systems, network infrastructure security, mobile computing and social network analysis

Dr. CHOY Sheung On 蔡雙安博士
Associate Professor
Phone: 2768-6857
Room A0920
Research interests: digital image processing, software engineering, web technologies, Internet computing, computer and network security, and mobile application development.

Dr. CHU Hon Wai Wilson 朱翰為博士
Assistant Professor
Phone: 2768-6817
Room A0935
Research interests: high-speed network, MPLS network, and e-learning

Dr. HUNG King Fai Kevin 熊景輝博士
Assistant Professor
Phone: 2768-6865
Room A0915
Research interests: wearable sensors, telehealth, mobile health, biological system modeling, biosignal processing and engineering education.

Mr. TONG Kwong Bun, Bruce 唐廣斌
Senior Lecturer
Phone: 2768-6803
Room A0915
Research interests: software-defined networking, artificial intelligence, computational intelligence, and machine learning

Mr. LUK Ting Hung, Hugh 陸定洪
Teaching Assistant
Phone: 2768-6433
Room A0921